No cover. Ever.

Meet Our Dance Instructor

With a major background in dance, we are thrilled to introduce to you our new line dance instructor for our “2 Steppin’” Tuesdays and other events! Student, performer, teacher; Genna Lyn Braun grew up pursuing her love of dance and choreography which she began to take seriously when she made it onto the varsity dance team in high school. At a young age, Genna choreographed dances which lead her to competitions. Competing then opened up her world to performing for live audiences. Years later having exposure to the country music scene, Genna fell in love with line dancing and how it connects people as a community. “Teaching line dancing has become one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had; seeing the joy, smiles and laughter dance can bring others. I love to make dance fun and engaging while challenging students to try new styles and break out of their comfort zones. I couldn’t be more grateful to my teachers before me who helped mold me into the dancer I am today.” While line dancing can certainly appear intimidating, Genna and her smile will make you feel right at home.